Our service began in 1989 through strong advocacy of individuals and families who united to create a service they were seeking.

We continue this legacy and value each person who chooses CASSI, ensuring we provide a service that is authentic, individualised and in a unique way. We strive to continually improve, always placing the people who choose our service at the heart of what we do.

We are passionate about best practice service provision and continue to maintain our quality accreditation which we achieved in 1999. We strive to be the service that ensures everyone has the freedom to be their authentic self, pursue their goals, and contribute meaningfully as they choose.

We ensure that quality remains at the forefront and to engage external independent assessors to review our services.

At CASSI it is people who come first. That is, the people we support and the people in their lives, the people who work as support staff, the people who manage and coordinate our support, our Board of directors, volunteers and the people in the community who support CASSI.

Community and Specialist Support Inc.

CASSI are a registered charity