We support individuals

We are proud to declare that CASSI does not have or promote a “model of care.”  

The foundation of our approach is to listen and build a response to individual needs. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, and where open communication and collaboration are encouraged. We believe in conducting ourselves with integrity, honesty and transparency and we understand that trust is earned through consistent and reliable behaviour. 

Support and Connections

We are committed to upholding the rights of the people who choose our service, and we are passionate about providing outcomes that are meaningful. One area where we differentiate ourselves in our sector is that we do not step away when difficult situations arise. This may be complex funding crises or assisting in the development of our sector. We value our peak bodies and collaborate toward a society that values the contributions of people who live with disability. The people who choose our service remain and always will be at the heart of our service.


We are committed to developing our future sector leaders and have implemented traineeship opportunities for young people who share our passion.

NDIS access and support

We believe in supporting the community and providing opportunities to access pathways. At CASSI we are a NDIS Access Support Officer to assist in navigating and accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Contact us for support.

Complex Care Management

CASSI has extensive experience in supporting people who live with high and complex care support needs. We incorporate individualised complex care management for the people who choose this within their support at CASSI. The support is tailored to each individual, ensuring that all aspects of life are incorporated to provide the most fulfilling outcomes. 

Service User Liaison Officer

We believe that everyone has the right to be heard and have access to multiple layers of support. We recognise that relationships and connections are essential in our success and seek opportunities to improve. Our high levels of service user and staff satisfaction and retention is a key to our success. Our relationships are the foundation of this success and something that we take very seriously. CASSI Service User Liaison Officer provides an additional layer of support and contact for Service Users and their informal supports.

Education and Training

We ensure that our staff are valued, inspired, and provided with the best opportunities for skills development. This includes recruiting within to create a career approach. We believe that our opportunities for further education, recruiting within and support of our teams contributes to our strong retention of high-quality staff.

Supported Independent Living and Social and Community Participation

We believe that we all have the right to choose who we live with and how we live at home and in community. We respect and value the importance of being connected to our chosen communities. So much of what we do is purposely designed to ensure that the people who choose our service are living the life they seek. If you would like to know more on how we may be able to provide support, please contact us.

Community and Specialist Support Inc.

CASSI are a registered charity